Wednesday, November 9, 2011

when the thousandth gift is penned...


my list-dare was completed. the dare to list one thousand gifts (blessings).

over elation just doesn't describe it.

as i stared out that truck window after slowly jotting down that thousandth gift from God, the world looked bright. cars rolled by on that big ole interstate road and i ponder what the people inside them were missing.

had anyone else seen that pop of color in the bright orange excavator against those green trees?

had anyone else tasted the goodness of God when they tasted that free sucker from winn-dixie as i had?

had anyone also stopped to ponder how blessed they were to have such good friends that openly loved them?

do we realize what we're missing when we choose not to count the ways God blesses us every day? do we fear that if we begin to count the gifts that the list would end much sooner than expected?

but the truth i've so hungrily searched for and joyfully found is this: the gift list never ends.

because God is good.

because He wants to bless us.

He chooses to bless us by putting these joy-gifts in our day to day lives.

so i continue my search. and i continue the list. it won't stop at one thousand. or two, or five, or twenty thousand. as longs as eyes are open wide, the gifts will continually be there in my life and yours too. i will continue to write them, by His grace. will you?

1000. happiness counting the gifts brings to life

1001. sitting in the church foyer laughing with buddies

1002. good counsel

1003. reading a Bible verse in my daily reading that applies to my life at that moment

1004. finding a whisper mode on my phone and having no idea what it's for but using it just for fun anyways

1005. trying to group call buddies sitting right beside me

1006. having no worries

1007. brother and i playing jokes on each other

1008. tasty fruit

1009. a cleaned out purse

1010. getting the ironing done and earning some money while doing it


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Purposely at Home said...

yay for you! that's preeettttyyy excitin'. ;) yeah, why did we call each other on group call while we were sitting right there with justin? and why in the world did it NOT work?

Elisabeth said...

thats so cool! i love this idea ..i might just have to steal it. it is great to be in a constant habit of looking for His blessing sin our lives, because they are everywhere if we just open our eyes.


eryka {from abcde} said...

Love this!!!!

Thanks for the blog comment!!!

Hey, would you want to guest post on my blog next week?! I wanted to email you, but couldn't find your email. Send me an email if your interested....

and then I'll send you some questions, i've sent some other bloggers!!!


kaitlin said...

This is so beautiful! your outlook on life is so inspiring :)

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the difference... a more joy-filled heart and a more springy bounce
in your step. Gratitude has given you much happiness.
Keep the list growing, and your
countenance a-glowing!
Love much, Mom

Sherri said...

I know! I love thrift finds! Yes that board was at the crepes place. Definitely recommend going there if you are in Winnipeg. Thanks for coming by :)

xo sherri

siddathornton said...

soooooo... when are you going to write a book? because i will be first in line to buy it.

thanks for the comment - i'm hoping to have my ring back by the end of the week!

Emma Frances said...

This is so wonderful! I need to start a list! A thousand SEEMS like so much but I know God has blessed me WAY more than just a thousand times! I love this! :]

Dearest Lou said...

What a great idea (: You have such a positive outlook on life and I love that about ya.

Rachel Sayumi. said...

Such a beautiful post. Hey I just wanted to say thank you for all the sweet comments you leave me every time on my blog! It seriously just makes me so happy. You have a warm heart,my friend! (: so beautiful.


Katie@{The Allred Abode} said...

Wow this is so powerful! Thank you for sharing! I just found your blog, and now I'm following you!
If you have a second to check out my blog, I would appreciate it!
The Allred Abode

Courtney B said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you!
I just adore you and your positive outlook on life! What an inspiration :)

Lauren Anslee said...

You are seriously such a beautiful person. I LOVE reading your posts!! Hope you have a great weekend :)

Stesha said...

beautiful post! and that picture is so inspiring! I want to take a picture like that!!

Classic & Bubbly

Sherri said...

No problem girl! Thanks for your sweet comment! And thanks so much for following! xo sherri

Elisha(: said...

your amazing..<3

and i love that first picture!!