Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ragged life

 there's a small patch of carpet in our house that is different from all the rest. its colors of gold, black, brown and a tinge of red show its age. it has stains and spots, ragged and old with time. yet each time i run my vacuum over this spot, I can't help but smile. the small paint splatters here and there cause me to reflect on when we were painting this house together. not married yet, excitement for our soon-to-be life together had built up to the roof. I remember sitting on that very patch of floor together. as we laughed and grinned while painting, I remember feeling absolutely giddy in my heart. a joke was made that we should just stay there at our new home together for our honeymoon instead of going to the mountains. these were made in only half jest. we just felt so happy there together. we didn't have one care in the world sitting there on that ragged carpet. all we had on our minds was a happy, care-free future together. 

 now married, that carpet has served to remind me that marriage and life in general is dirty, stained with scars and not perfect. sometimes you feel ragged out just like that carpet. but time and again i've been shown that if you keep pressing on, you'll look back on those "spots" as sacred. God has been and will be there through your marriage and so will your best friend, your spouse. laugh, cry and get paint on the floor. you'll never forget the memories made together.

Friday, February 14, 2014

I sit inside on the red couch while baby naps, screen door sun shining through. I listen. all is quiet except the fridge humming. 

the silence is broken with one other thing. its body is so small but that doesn't stop it's soul-song from being so big. its lighthearted whistle-tune comes from a feathery body and small beak. the bird sings and I listen. 

then I wonder if they listen too. do we impress them with our soul-song? do the words we utter and breaths we breathe cause them to pause? the bird becomes silent but my thoughts do not. I think. 



think before you speak. do your words create a song others want to sing? 

"a meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words."