Monday, April 30, 2012

first time thirty


1) reflection on laptop outside 2) colour necklace 3) newspaper mail
4) my church family brings all the happiness in the world 5) tiny - because yummy poptarts just aren't big enough 6) a special treat for lunch - papa john's pizza
7) running shadow 8) my vera bradley wallet 9) rolled legs and mohawk were my greatest attractions as a baby tike. (ha)
10) cold day calls for skinnies and cardi 11) big fluffy chair perfect place for breakfast and reading  12) our stairs
13) discovered a funny app 14) how you feel - self explanatory 15) sunset out the back truck window
16) neighbor's field with wildflowers 17) don't like wet towels 18) curls
19) orange - dad's commissioner pamphlets 20) distracted at church so i drew this 21) silly brother messing with my water bottle
22) rue21 shirt - last thing i bought 23) vegetable - salad for lunch 24) because i could never express enough thanks for the Words of Life
25) looking down at bass pro shops 26) black and white gate 27) somewhere i went today
28) 1 pm - working on graduation picture slideshow 29) circle stepping stone 30) an empty m&m bag would make just about anyone sad, including me

completed my first photo a day challenge this April. let's go May!


Friday, April 27, 2012

the best birthday week

he turned twenty-two and me eighteen. his birthday just happens to be the day before mine. april has always been a party month for our little family because of that. this month was no exception, especially with election day with my dad running for county commisioner landing on dallas's (my brother) birthday. holding up signs for all voters to see was what we did on dallas's day. with much prayer, it all payed off and my dad won the commisioner's race. my birthday came on the next day and boy was it happy. mom and i shopped til we dropped. that night was church then frozen yogurt with friends to celebrate my birthday. i'd say it was one of the best birthdays yet.


Thursday, April 19, 2012


i wake up and lay there. sleep escaped last night so the morning in bed is a late one. all is quiet except for the birds singing their melodious songs outside the lighted window. an occasional rumble from a truck can be heard in the distance.
i look around my room and take a look at my life. times are changing and i'm not sure if i like it. there's an eighteenth birthday for me next week. plans for high school graduation are in the making. there's talk of college. the university is calling and wants me to apply. excitement builds then fear takes over as it all sinks in. times are changing... changing... changing. my life is shifting.
i like things the way they are and am frightened at the future of trying new things. the comfort zone is here and must i step out of it's bounds? it's hard to do but i know with God all things are possible. I take comfort in that thought and am gratefully reminded of the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 who smiles at the future.
plans are not clear but i know i can rest my future in His hands. with a smile on my face.


Friday, April 13, 2012

insta snippets

atlanta arrival & chillin' on the big red couch

that kid justin & my boy william

easter cookies bring back memories & clearance candy get in my buggy

pre-speech competition excitment and m&m sister twinettes


night drive & sippin' and ridin'

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