Monday, December 26, 2011

twelve days of christmas

i look forward to this night all through december. santa, church family and friends, good food and thoughtful gifts are given. i am normally distracted during the sermon before this christmas party, thinking of what is to follow. when the last few announcements are made, i slip from my seat to go help fix the drinks. other little friends come and offer their helping hands. soon the sea of people make their way in. we pour drink after drink and then soon it is our turn to eat. the food is plentiful, the array of desserts is amazing. {i have a hard time choosing at both.} a few girl friends gather in a back classroom to eat. we talk about everything and laugh much. "ho, ho, ho" is soon seen and heard and we gather in the large fellowship hall as the presents are passed out. surprisingly, my name is one of the first to be called. santa's big lap is all too tempting for all, both young and old. i am touched by the many gifts given but the best is yet to come. one of the elders leads each table in song of the twelve days of christmas, as is our church's yearly tradition. along with several others, i am volunteered to be one to stand up front and sing "five golden rings." each table has their own part to sing and their own unique way of singing it too. when it's my group's turn to sing, we belt out the five golden rings to the best of our abilities. we've found with each passing year that this song is impossible to sing without laughing. all too quickly the song is sung and the night is called. there's cleanup and goodnights and we all go home with a little bit more of a merry heart than the one we had come with.



Elle Sees said...

you are so pretty! looks like y'all had a great time!

mistergandme said...

sounds like fun! merry christmas :)

Nicole said...

LOVE that you are never too old for santa's lap. :)

merry merry christmas dear!

anna said...

darling photos! sounds like a great christmas!


Purposely at Home said...



Nana said...

This was an excellent description of the fun night at Elmore. We even enjoyed singing the 12 day of Christmas. The food was wonderful, and everyone so friendly. So glad you have such a loving place to worship.

Love you,


ginanorma said...

merry christmas and happy new year memory!!! you sweet thing!

Anonymous said...

These photos are great! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new years & thanks for following! :) x- Berni