Friday, January 27, 2012

words enough?

i am texting a friend and a text from an unknown number pops up. i finish thumb tapping the message i am working on and open the next.

yo bam i need u 2 do some 4 me until da 1st

i need u 2 give grace

40 dollars so she can get to work

after half-way discerning the choppy message, my heart sinks. here is a person in need. forty dollars for a tank of gas to get to the job.

 i silently-quickly pray. we are late to church and i must hurry the message... tap, tap, tap... quickly the rushed thought into text form.

I'm sorry but you have the wrong number. God bless!

we rush time, hurry to church and the text is soon forgotten hours later.

days later, it is not.

the name listed captures my attention. grace. a word so beautiful, so full of meaning.

a short prayer of thanks before a meal. sense of consideration of others. elegance of expression. state of sanctification by God. disposition of kindness and compassion. to make more attractive by adding.

i think of the two twenty dollar bills in my wallet lately i'd been so reluctant to spend. if i had been face to face with this person, would i be one to show grace and give grace?

looking back now, i regret. my words seem so little, so meaningless. what if i had at least encouraged more? i wish i had thought out more to say.

oppertunites missed, they never come again. (somtimes words just don't seem enough.)

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Elisha(: said...

WOW. MEMORY. YOU. ARE. AMAZIINNNGG. :) <3 i absolutely LOVE this message of grace you talked about!! (: thats actually my pastor's main point in his sermons!! lol. (: weird, huh??

awwhh, thanks for giving them the link to my blogg.. <3 YOU ARE TOO SWEET!!! :') your like a bee.. carrying honey{sweetness} everywhere!!<3

im checking out that site you & your friends made.. THIS INSTANT!! =)

Emma Frances said...

Missing opportunities is sometimes the worst feeling. But I LOVE what you got out of that little moment instead of just forgetting about it.

sherri said...

Grace is a wonderful thing. You guys are so cute! Good for you!

aMandalin Rochele said...

I know how you feel. When an opportunity comes up, and I'm busy, I sometimes hurriedly do the same. But I'm learning and trying to take advantage of those little opportunities God gives me to witness to others. It is a "do hard things" kind of instant decision I have to make. :) Thanks for the friendship. I enjoy your blog!

Kayla Rose said...

We've all been there. The important thing is that we learn from our missed opportunities. I'm sure I miss opportunities daily without even realizing it, so you're already a step ahead of me. :-) Great post!

mistergandme said...

you have such a sweet heart! thanks for sharing my giveaway!


ElleSee said...

I have had a few of these experiences. It makes you feel bad at the time, but think of the growing you have just done because of it. I think your post is quite evident of that. It really makes you aware of the fact that we all need to sloooow doooown :)

Meghan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) At dance tonight i had a WHOLE 'session' of about 20 questions from a newer girl from dance. She seams interested... i think i answered the q's alright :) I hope :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Memory I think you're amazing.

Meg said...

hey!!! just saw your comment. ya, let's swap! email me at if you need anything else! i'll just grab yours off your page!

Nicole said...

i love your heart for people.

true story.


jessica said...

I love your message about grace. It's sad whenever we miss opportunities like that, I know I've done it, but hopefully we can be more prepared the next time. Beautiful message. Glad I stumbled across your blog. :)

Stella said...

Awesome post, Memory! And thank you for passing by my blog, and for your lovely comment. You're too lovely!

Stella said...

And by the way: you've got a heart Memory. Great post <3

Dawson Cattle Company said...

sometimes its not what we do in that moment its what we learn from that moment. you are lovely and giving. take care.

Mrs. Darcy said...

Amazing post from an amazing girl:)

You have a beautiful heart. Sometimes we do what we can and hopefully it is enough.

Dearest Lou said...

You shouldn't feel bad you did all that you could. That was very sweet of you to take a second out of your day a pray!

Mongs said...

another lovely post, you always have such sweet thoughts. Very insightful ...just from a choppy text message, you have such a sweet and sensitive spirit. God bless you! Yes I will check out that site.


mrs. dtf said...

i always wonder how people manage to text the wrong number... you are sweet though. it's more than i would've said.

mrs. dtf

p.s. enjoy your month of candy hearts! ha.

Camille said...

i think as long as you pray for this person, they will be alright! ;)

my soul is the sky said...

You are such a nice person to be concerned but do you think there's a chance it was a scam ??

Yara Simón said...

I don't think your words sounded meaningless. I actually thought they were very nice, and I think I would feel that way if I were that person.

Juliette said...

'somtimes words just don't seem enough'... Maybe you're right, but that simple thought shows how caring and thoughtful you are