Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the blessing

he won't leave the house until he's done it.

he won't hug us goodbye or kiss us on the head without doing this too.

every work morning, he's faithful. his purpose is one and the same.

he gives, his blessing.

it starts with laying his work worn, grease stained hand on the shoulder of his own blood and flesh, his child(ren). and continues with words. not fancy, or strung together in a fashionable way. but his words flow. they come easily to him. they're beautiful and majestic in their own simple way.

he calls for us throughout the house. he finds us, sometimes having to climb up the stairs to get to us wherever we may be. he talks to us for a while, asking what our plans for the day may be.

and then he easily continues right on in to the blessing, almost unseemingly.

he takes recent things that he knows have been happening in my life and includes them in the blessing. as he pats me on the back, he thanks me {in a way} for the things i've done around the house.

he encourages me in my writing, reading my daily Bible, card sending, and daily Bible note taking.

i don't really remember when he first started. but his blessing keeps on blessing. throughout the day, everyday. he seems to know just what to say because he knows what's in my life. during the blessing, he's not afraid to rebuke and admonish a behavior or action. he may weave in advice after the blessing which may sometimes turn into an open, in depth, heart-to-heart conversation.

he's easy to talk to. he listens. he wants to hear what you think. and then he gives his thoughts. in the most kind, loving way to give them.

after the blessing, he pats you on the back again. gives you a hug. and ends it with those three words. always. i love you.

then he picks up his cap {if it's raining outside} and his socks. he walks out the back door to his mud covered boots. he's the hardest working man i've ever seen. but he doesn't leave without first giving... the blessing.


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

this is just the cutest thing i have ever read! your dad is just the greatest! and what a great example!
xo TJ

Rolled Up Pretty said...

This is so cute! I'm a major daddy's girl. I love him so much it hurts, you seem the same way! YAY for incredible dads! You are adorable too :) Oh and I love your curly hair!

Gentri said...

Aw! This is so so sweet!! What a great dad you have! :)

P.s. Be sure to enter the giveaway going on over at my blog! :)

JRuud said...


Anonymous said...

What...a blessing ... to be married to a man of steel and velvet! Isn't he the greatest?
Love, Mom

Kylee said...

oh my i love this! reminds me of my dad :) you write so beautifully! so cuuute.

Summer-Raye said...

What an amazing dad. <3

Would love for you to check out my blog and if you decide to follow, let me know Ill follow back!


Kylee said...

you have to try it sometime! if you don't have a mr. snuggles handy, just anything random like that! sometimes reverting back to the immature ways of your childhood is TOTALLY worth it. :)

Ashley said...

i love good dads :) so precious

Kayla Rose said...

This is so cool! You must have one pretty fantastic dad. :-)

Thank you for your kind words...I always compare my poems to those of people like Emily Dickinson...haha, there is NO contest there.

P.S. I saw Courageous the other night! So powerful. Really, really great movie.

AaReAn said...

What a great post! Love this! Oh and make sure you come back and let me know where you shared the news about the giveaway so your entry counts!!!! Thanks for stopping by! And good luck! :-) Aren't free things great hehe


Nana said...

So beautiful. Reminds me of my own daddy, your "Papaw Sewell." Both are so kind, so encouraging, and such good leaders of their family.

Love you,


patience said...

i always write in lower case letters too. ;)

Alison said...

It sounds like you father loves you and your siblings very much, which is one of the greatest blessings by itself.


Emma Frances said...

This is so sweet. :] You really do have such a great way with words!

Kim said...

I absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing the sweetness of your home and of your dad - I think he is pretty great, too! Love you!