Monday, October 17, 2011

filled hands

as the steam rolled upward, my prayers to God also made their way up. as the wrinkles from the shirt sleeve were erased by the iron, i contemplated how God had ironed everything out. He had picked up the shirt of my life, shook it a little, and used His big iron {His hand} to smooth it all over.
it was one of those perfect days where it seemed as if i was on cloud nine. nothing could go wrong. nothing was going wrong.
as the shiny, metal iron puffed and spattered, i thought over all of the blessings He is bestowing on me. me. a person who does not deserve these gifts abundant.
and i smile, as i think of these.

1. lazy Sunday afternoons
2. a sweet church family that i love
3. crunchy peanut butter sandwiches                                   

4. a {my!} family full of love
5. new bookcases for the sunroom                                                    
6. late night shopping
7. good laughs with friends at macalister's

as the iron continues puffing out air, my breath came deeply from within. so many gifts. not at the fingertips. no, but clenched tightly... in both hands. just to breathe is beautiful.
the gifts filled my head and i thought i would overflow with praises. so thankful for this constant gift filled life. <3


Changing Lanes said...

i read a few of your posts AND you write beautifully!! also, are you in alabama? saw the crimson and white.

Kim said...

I am reminded that sometimes the big iron is hot and the pressing can be painful but the end result is is always perfect as His work always is.
You are a sweetie! Keep up your beautiful writing.

Liz @ said...

i love how much emphasis you put on your blessings. once negativity rolls in, you stop and count your blessings. how encouraging... :)

Janette said...

What a beautiful analogy! Such great writing...God is good! And what a beautiful sandwich too! YUMZ!

Janette the Jongleur

Anya Rudn said...

Lovely post! Its great to know God and have his blessed poured upon us!


Kaleido Mind said...

very positive post:)!

Purposely at Home said...

who would have thought?....ironing?....;D i like. i like.

Cubette said...

i follow you now! please come see my blog at
and follow♥ hope to hear from you!

Sarah Roads said...

What a beautiful post, I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. xo

Sarah Grace said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) You have a great way with words... thanks for sharing! Beautiful.

Nana said...

Memory, with all of Granddaddy's winter shirts I have to iron, I will try to make the chore more pleasant by counting my blessings. If I run out of blessings, I'll call you to finish the job. Ouch! Just kidding.


Nicole said...

whoa! how do you know sarah grace?! she is like a serious bestie to me!!


melissa said...

Truly lovely post.
Friends, food, and good times <3