Wednesday, May 9, 2012

on a tuesday night.

on a tuesday night we eat at my favorite place. where the people are friendly and they know us almost by name. mcalister's deli never tasted better as my empty stomach soon comes to satisfaction.

on a tuesday night we dance it out in the car on the way to the tea party meeting where the new county commissioner (my dad) has been invited to say a few words. he inspires others by his thoughts he speaks and his family is introduced to the small crowd there. caught on camera, silliness abounds as dallas imitates a policeman's wave as we drive in town.

on a tuesday night we nearly freeze at the meeting. marli and i bundle up in a lone jacket that the tea party leader throws into our lap. we make silly faces as the growing chill bumps on my legs stand out.

on a tuesday night i realize just how much i love my family. it's on simple nights like these spent with them that life feels whole.

i'm always ready for a tuesday night.


Elisha(: said...

I LOVE McAlisters!!!!! and oh goodness.. your attractiveness in those two last pictures.. overwhelming. :P <3

Vicki said...

Simple nights are the best, aren't they? Full of the little moments that are so happy and memorable.(: though to me, your night sounds pretty exciting, haha. Probably because I've had to spend so much time holed up in my room studying for the past couple weeks.(;

Love the pics!


Elisabeth said...

loved this - sounds like a great night :)

Katherine said...

Great pictures!

Nicole Marie said...

Sounds like a awesome night. That is great that you can spend time with them so often.

my thrifty closet said...

so sweet and lovely, it's a great blessing to have a loving family who serves the LOrd together! So heart warming to know that you cherish your family. Our family is always close to our hearts!

Jianine ☺ said...

This makes me feel like I want to go out on a Tuesday night and just have a blast! Sounds like you guys had a great time with your family x