Friday, February 14, 2014

I sit inside on the red couch while baby naps, screen door sun shining through. I listen. all is quiet except the fridge humming. 

the silence is broken with one other thing. its body is so small but that doesn't stop it's soul-song from being so big. its lighthearted whistle-tune comes from a feathery body and small beak. the bird sings and I listen. 

then I wonder if they listen too. do we impress them with our soul-song? do the words we utter and breaths we breathe cause them to pause? the bird becomes silent but my thoughts do not. I think. 



think before you speak. do your words create a song others want to sing? 

"a meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words."


his little lady said...

This is so beautifully written!!
xo TJ

Purposely at Home said...

yayyy!!! yyyour back! and WHY did you not tell me, my sister??

this is. so. beautiful.


Stella said...

You're back!!!!!!! this is great. this is so so so great. I'm so happy to comment on this post on this blog. wow.