Monday, September 12, 2011

my loved country life

I heave the hay bale from off the field onto the trailer pulled by the white Ford. It lands with a thud. I am content. Sweaty. Aching. Happy. Smiling. Looking for the next bale.
There’s a constant line of us picking up bales. Not a perfect line, but a line spaced far apart.
I am in rhythm.
I walk to hay bale. Stand by it… claiming it as my own. Wait for the truck with trailer creaking behind it to inch it’s way in front of me. I lace my gloved fingers under raw orange strings and pull. I amble to trailer and… thud... the bale is thrown by this girl near the waiting, but constantly working, hands of the stacker. The stacker rides on the trailer and places the bales into the most space saving position.
I repeat.
This is hay baling… or at least my small part in it. This is my summer. This is one of the things I live for in summertime. Hay baling is work. But it’s also rewarding. This is how I receive a discount on hay for my horses… by earning it working in the field.
After the field, the hay is pulled to a dark place. I love this place, just as much as I love the field.
It’s the barn.
The trailer loaded with hay so tall is backed into the narrow barn doors as far as possible.
Which isn’t very far.
A different rhythm begins. Pull bale off trailer.  Lug to stall stacked with hay. Throw down for the stacker. Repeat until the trailer is empty.
Then it’s back to the field.
This is dirty. This is glorious.
This is work. This is thrilling.
Oh this wonderful country life that I love!

note: this article was published in this magazine this summer


Kayla Rose said...

I have always wanted to live in the country. I think it is so beautiful and peaceful. I love your positive attitude despite all the hard work you do. :-)

Anonymous said...

*sigh* You make me long for a life in the country. I miss the quiet life.
P.S. I don't eat yogurt and cottage cheese TOGETHER!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Mem,
This is an interesting and inspiring blog.. I am in support of this a 100%. I look forward to more-well-thought of writings by such an expressive talented writer... You continue in this path and greater things well happen. Continue beimg an inspirer


Unapologetically Mundane said...

This post made me SO HAPPY. I live in NYC now but grew up on an Ohio farm, and my dad doesn't believe me at all when I call him now and tell him how much I miss baling. It's so hot, so sweaty, so making-your-snot-turn-black, and yet it feels like such important work.

Purposely at Home said...

even though i don't remember reading this before...okay..whatever (and to those of you who are wondering "what in the world is she talking about?" well, its kinda a sista thang. ;)) fabulous job, always.

...why do you have to win at phase 10 EVERY GAME?....if i draw one more 5 or 6!...:P love you to pieces!

Purposely at Home said...

oh yeah, btw, yay for our blessed country life! ;D working in the hay field with you is....well...amazing. especially if i get to drive the!

Kayla B. said...

Oh, I wish I could live in the country sooo bad!! I loved this article!!! Thanks Mem!


Kayla Rose said...

My birthday is September 25th. I am beyond anxious to see what all this "surprise" party entails... :-)

Allie said...

Hey! Remember me?(it's okay if you don't) It's Allie! I just followed your blog and I'm lovin it:D You are fantastic writer! You should write a story and publish it... yeah! You're that good;D

Sonja said...

You write so beautifully. You've painted a picture in my head of your country life summer, and I must say it's quite the glorious picture! :o)

e@thisnotedlife said...

thank you for the comment earlier! What a great post this is it's so wonderful to be truly content and satisfied with your life... its what i strive for.