Thursday, September 15, 2011


i tried to pick my way more carefully as the rocks dug deep. the rocks piercing my bare heels reminded me of when sins try to dig their way deep into life. i kept walking, because i knew ahead there would be relief.

i came upon an even more rocky spot. the grass beside the road alured me... beckoned relief for my cracked feet. i remembered that He is our rest for our cracked faith when many pebble-problems are thrown our way.

the grass provided temporary relief before there was no grass and it was back to a wide driveway with packed dirt and the rocks. i am reminded that with Him, there is ever constant help... we never must worry that our help will run out as the grass had done. even when the rock tough-problems come, He is always there.

i come upon the gate. gracing a cowboy on his faithful horse-fleshed compainion, he is shown rounding up the cows. i unhook the chain and open it, reminding myself that He is the only gate-way into the full life.

ahead, i see sun gleaming on the rock-turned-to beachsand driveway. i remember that even though we may be going through a rocky time in life, there is always shining spots sent from God ahead.


Purposely at Home said...

amazing. i love walks on our driveway. :)

Kayla Rose said...

This is simply amazing. I love the comparison of your driveway to God's presence and faithfulness. Thank you for this great reminder. :-)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome analogy! You are one of those shining spots.
P.S. Being your mother, I just have to say, "You do have shoes...;)" But if you wore them, we would miss a piece of your heart.

Nicole said...

hey dear!
be encouraged. . . don't stop dreaming about doing mission work. sometimes God has a different timetable than we do. i didn't get involved with China until i was in my twenties.
here's my sister's blog:

Kim said...

You have a lot in life figured out. Not only do I love your perspective but also the way you put together the words. With three boys, it is nice to know there are girls out there like you!

Elisha(: said...